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Euonymus f. ‘Ivory Jade’ Forsythia x intermedia ‘Lynwood Gold’ Ivory Jade Euonymus 3’ tall 6’ wide Lynwood Gold Forsythia 7’ tall 7’ wide Dark, lush green leaves with white Deep golden yellow flowers borne in margins. Compact shapely form with spring on erect branches. good winter hardiness. 5 5 Fagus s. ‘Purpurea Pendula’/’Purple Forsythia x int. ‘Mindor’ PP#19321 Fountain’ CBRAF Weeping Purple Beech 12’ tall 8’ wide Show Off™ Forsythia 5-6’ tall 5-6’ wide Dark purple leaves on stout weeping A new compact selection offers a supe- branches. rior flower display. It is covered from base to tips with large bright yellow blooms in early spring. Has attractive dark green foliage, unlike the older varieties. 4 5 Fagus s. ‘Tricolor’ Fothergilla gardenii Tricolor Beech 40’ tall 25’ wide Dwarf Fothergilla 4’ tall 3’ wide Purple leaves edged with an irregular Scented 1-2” bottlebrush-like flowers pale pink border. appear in late April to early May be- fore leaves appear. Dark green sum- mer foliage takes on hues of yellow, orange and scarlet in fall. 4 5 Fargesia rufa Rufa Bamboo 6-10’ tall 4-5’ wide Ginkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’ A newly discovered Fargesia with new Autumn Gold Ginkgo 45’ tall 40-45’ wide clums that have attractive rusty reddish Striking golden yellow fall color is sheaths and a non-invasive root system. characteristic of this male clone. Nar- Only about 10’ tall when matures, but a row form in youth broadens with age. vigorous grower, sending up many new culms each season, which leaf out early in the summer, making it and excellent choice where its rapid growth is desired. Does not like hot afternoon sun. Needs no con- tainment. 3 4 Forsythia x ‘Gold Tide’ (‘Courtasol’) Gleditsia tricanthos inermis ‘Skyline’ Gold tide Forsythia 24-30’ tall 4’ wide Skyline Honeylocust 45’ tall 40-45’ wide A dwarf low spreading forsythia. At- Upright branch habit takes a pyramidal tractive feathery, fresh light green foli- form. Vigorous grower. Golden- age delivers wonderful texture. yellow fall foliage. Useful as a shade or street tree. 5 4 10
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