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Gleditsia t.i. ‘Suncole’ Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ Sunburst Honeylocust Annabelle Hydrangea 4-5’ tall 3-4’ wide 35’ tall 30-35’ wide Large white “Snowball” like flower Bright golden foliage tips contrast heads bloom from June to September. with rich green of mature leaves. Very hardy and blooms well in the shade. Flowers on new wood. 4 3 Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Hydrangea arborescens ‘Incrediball’ Promise’ Incrediball® Hydrangea Arnold Promise Witchhazel 4-5’ tall 3-4’ wide 10’ tall 10’ wide Beefy stems and massive blooms. Each Tends to flower early and heavily. Its bloom has roughly 4 times as many yellow flowers are among the brightest flowers as ‘Annabelle’. of the Hamamelis. 4 3 Heptacodium miconioides Hydrangea macrophylla Seven Son Flower 15-20’ tall 10’ wide ‘All Summer Beauty’ A rapid growing multi-stemmed shrub All Summer Beauty Hydrangea or small tree that has glossy green 3-4’ tall & wide leaves that remain attractive all season. Larger heads of blue flowers (in acid In late summer it will produce creamy soils) or pinkish blue flowers (in alka- white fragrant flowers on the tips of the line soils). Flowers bloom on new branches. Winter interest is provided wood. Very hardy. by the light tan exfoliating bark. 4 5 Hibiscus syriacus Hydrangea m. ‘Bailmer’/’P11HM-11’ Rose of Sharon Hardy, upright shrubs with large beautiful Endless Summer Hydrangea 3-5’ tall & wide flowers. These plants have an extended Bloomstruck® Hydrangea 3-5’ tall & wide period of bloom lasting from July until Eight inches in diameter cluster of vibrant frost. pink blooms. In acidic soils, the bloom is a ‘Aphrodite’ 8-9’ Dark pink 4-5” flowers beautiful clear, sky blue. Blooms on new with prominent red eye. and old wood so it doesn’t matter if the ‘Minerva’ 8-9’ Lavender-pink 4-5” flowers buds survived the winter or not. Bloom- with prominent dark red eye. struck has red-purple stems. Dark green ‘Red Heart’ - 8-10’ - Single, pure white leaves with red petioles flowers with red center. and red veins. 4 5 Hydrangea anomala subsp. Petiolaris Hydrangea m. ‘Glowing Embers’ Climbing Hydrangea 20’ tall 10-20’ wide Glowing Embers Hydrangea Attractive vine or groundcover with 2-3’ tall & wide rich glossy green foliage. A plant with Large fluorescent pink to red flowers multi-seasonal effects, from large heads blanket this truly dwarf hydrangea. of white flowers in late June to beauti- Flowers appear in June, and foliage ful bark in the winter. stays rich green until hard frost. 4 5 11
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