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Acer plat. ‘Crimson Sentry’ P.P. 3258 Acer saccharum ‘Green Mountain’ Crimson Sentry Maple 25’ tall Green Mountain Sugar Maple Very compact, upright tree with same 45’ tall 35’ wide leaf color as Crimson King, but much The thick waxy green leaves of spring smaller ultimate size. turn to an orange-red in the fall. The foliage will retain full color and resist scorch in the hot, dry days of summer. Useful as a lawn specimen, park or street tree. 4 5 Acer plat. ‘Princeton Gold’ P.P. 6727 Aesculus x arnoldiana ‘Autumn Splendor’ Princeton Gold Maple 35’ tall 30’ wide Autumn Splendor Buckeye The foliage is bright golden yellow, es- 35’ tall 25-30’ wide pecially when young, and holds well into Dark green shiny foliage is resistant to summer. Makes a stunning accent tree scorch and turns a vivid maroon-red in with an upright oval form in the land- fall. 6” spikes of yellow-red flowers scape. Growth rate similar to Crimson appear in May. Prefers a deep moist, King Maple. well drained soil. 4 4 Acer rubrum ’Armstong’ Aesculus carnea ‘Ft. McNair’ Armstrong Maple 40’ tall 15’ wide Red Horsechestnut ‘Ft. McNair’ A fast growing columnar tree with as- 50’tall 40’wide cending branches. Widely used for Beautiful large red flowers in mid May. street planting where space demands a Truly a unique specimen. Hardiest of tree which will not spread. red flowering Horsechestnuts. 4 Acer r. ‘Frank Jr’ Aesculus parviflora Redpointe® Maple 45’ tall 30’ wide Bottlebrush Buckeye Brilliant red fall color plus upright, 5-12’ tall 8-15’ wide broadly pyramidal form make this Forms a spreading, mounded shrub with introduction standout. Has the refined tall, pyramidal spikes of white flowers in July. Shade Tolerant. form and foliage of the best rubrum cultivars combined with the faster growth rates in the freemanii’s. Has a straight and dominant central leader. 4 5 4 Acer r. ‘Red Sunset’/‘October Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Glory’/’Sun Valley’ Brilliance’ Red Sunset Maple 45’ tall 40’ wide Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Vigorous growing tree with a strong 20-25’ tall 15’ wide and symmetrical branching habit. This amelanchier selection has spectac- Foliage is lustrous green changing to ular red and orange fall colors. Its brilliant shades of red and orange in thick glossy foliage gives it a healthy fall. appearance in mid-summer. Pink tinged buds open to abundant white flowers. Edible fruit in June. 4 4 3
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