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Cornus baileyi Cornus k. c. ‘Schmred’ P.P. 9283 Red Twigged Dogwood 8-10’ tall & Heart Throb Chinese Dogwood wide An excellent red stem dogwood 20’ tall 20’ wide that provides beautiful color in winter. Large rose-pink flower bracts form Porcelain-blue fruits. flower heads that reach four inches in diameter. Flowering can last for up to two months. 2 5 Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Brave’ Cornus serica ‘Isanti’ Cherokee Brave Dogwood 20-30’ tall Isanti Dogwood 5-6’ tall & 4-5’wide A form of red flowering dogwood with Dense and compact growing. Mound excellent vigor and very clean foliage. shaped. Abundant white flower clus- Resistant to mildew. Selected from ters turnig to white fruit in late spring. native species. Striking fall color is dark purple-red. Fine textured red twigs in winter.. 5 3 Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Princess’ Cornus stolonifera ‘Artic Fire™’ PPAF Cherokee Princess Dogwood Artic Fire® Dogwood 4’ tall & wide 20-30’ tall Lush green leaves adorn this dogwood Selected for its large white bracts and from spring to fall. Vibrant red stems heavy flowering habit every year. Se- in the winter. Compact and easy to lected from native species. care for. 5 3 Cornus kousa chinensis Cornus x. ‘Celextial®’ (‘Rutdan’) Chinese Dogwood 25’ tall 15-20’ wide Celestial® Dogwood Narrow upright tree when young, 20-25’ tall 15-20’ broadening with age. Abundant, long wide lasting white flowers followed by (C. florida x C. kousa) Clean, disease strawberry-like fruits in the fall. Multi- resistant foliage and heavy annual bloom, make this tree both reliable and stem. beautiful. Cream-white flowers have broad, overlapping bracts. 5 5 Cornus x. ‘Stellar Pink (‘Rutgan’) P.P. 7207 Cornus k. c. ‘Galzam’/’Milkyway Stellar Pink Dogwood Galilean/Milkyway Chinese Dogwood 20-25’ tall 15-20’ wide 20-25’ tall 15-20’ wide (C. florida x C. kousa) Soft pink bracts A robust grower that has proven to be are rounded and overlapping to maximize one of the hardiest and strongest grow- their show. Foliage turns bright red in ing dogwood in production today. fall. Bright red fruit persist in early fall Large green foliage remain crisp and and persist until December. Have pa- fresh all season. Has a very broad, up- tience when establishing this plant. right vase shape that becomes more Flowers may appear white or pale pink rounded. Huge on newly transplanted plants. 4 white flowers. 8 5
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